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To support women startup their business through a series of courses and activities.


The products and services that your value proposition is based on

Online startups courses

Pains Reliever

in which way these products services and features are pain relievers ? how they eliminate reduce or minimize pains customers care about making their life easier?

create a new career time flexible and can work everywhere earn some money respectful jobs

Gain Craetor

which way they are game creators? have a produce increase or maximize outcomes and benefits that your customers expect desire or would be surprised ?

Learning new knowledge

Customer Job

The jobs your customers trying to get done

1. find a job that could reflect their talent but also be flexible when they need to take care their family. 2. Want to figure out what they can do after leaving their career many years.


The customer pains that annoy customers and hinder their ability to get a job done.

1. most jobs ask for full time.


how customers measure the success of a job.

1. flexible job but fitting their talent and skills.