To learn what A.I. does not

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Global Learning|Local Innovation

Global Knowledge. Chinese Culture Audiovisual Course

Collecting audio-visual resources of global open courses,Establish a Chinese cultural learning interface。

Master's guide. Forums and video gatherings

Project internship,Classic discourse,Learn in the expert guide and step-by-step practice。

Social innovation. Synchronous communication and collaboration

Instant video and audio communication,Let participants in different scenes,Organize a cloud team。

A.I. Comprehensive coverage of the world & A.I. cannot innovate and start a business

Come and learn what A.I. won't

Human's unique social innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities

critical thinking,Social innovation,Collaborative entrepreneurship : Three ways to surpass A.I.

Social innovation and entrepreneurship(Social Entrepreneurship)It means that human beings use creativity to promote an activity or cause that satisfies social ideals and economic benefits at the same time。For example, a video book club in an epidemic community,Mutual aid from a market vendor,And even a sustainable financial institution,Can be within the scope of S.E.。
And S.E. is the field that A.I. can never set foot in。Because this is human,creativity,And the results of long-term rendezvous activities,Only humans can think and criticize in the existing reality,Create a new game in elimination and destruction,And communicate, coordinate, cooperate and share in human feelings。

Action learning that synchronizes knowledge and practice

Is the protagonist of knowledge learning,It's also a supporting role for on-site action

ShongKo's courses are synchronized with knowledge and action in content and form。
In other words,Content,If you want to learn to start a business,We must really start a business during the course,
Or if learning to create a website,Really make a website。And if you just exercise your thoughts and criticism,Think critically in the course。
And formally,This knowledge can be read and researched on the desktop,You can also bring it to the event site on your mobile phone,Incorporate into the implementation process。Can be the protagonist of learning or supporting role of action

Implementation process of team competition

Critical thinking,Social innovation,A global classic of collaborative entrepreneurship,And your dreams and actions!

Critical thinking,Social innovation,Collaborative entrepreneurship,Are the three areas we have been focusing on for a long time,Continue to produce Chinese-cultural and action-oriented online courses from global classic knowledge resources。
And any social innovation plan you want to promote,We can help you from the world’s top online knowledge resources,Create online courses and teamwork platforms,Let you build a team in knowledge learning,In social context,Create new event,New things and careers。
How to start? Leave us a message at the end of the page,Talk about your study and action plan!

Small pieces of cumulative learning|On-site integration into applications

Chapter Path for Step-by-Step Learning|Mobile Media Applied in the Field
Long-term accumulation of multiple desktops in the cloud

Content learning path and media fragment application

Pooling knowledge resources,Integrate and create a systematic curriculum for social innovation
Mediaized and fragmented knowledge content Flexible use of time for learning,Or freely integrate into the on-site workflow,Application in implementation。 Chapter courses,Provide a stable and cumulative academic path,Let many pieces of learning get a complete accumulation,Flow of discussion with dialogue。 And each course has practical tasks,Develop teamwork in the learning process,Each student has his own cloud studio,Manage file data,Edit working file,And marshal with the team,Discuss dialogue during collaboration。 Project management。

Project implementation course in progress

Practical courses for innovative projects:processing

The world's top knowledge resources + your dreams and actions!

Chinese Culture and Networking of Global Knowledge Resources,Integration into the implementation of local action projects

Global knowledge resources. Free online courses on Chinese culture

Pooling knowledge resources,Integrate and create a systematic curriculum for social innovation
Social innovation and entrepreneurship,Is to establish the production process directly from the social context,The scientific method of creating social and economic value,To the individual,Enterprise NPO/NGO,And the government provides the latest contemporary vision。Under the wave of open knowledge,World-renowned colleges such as the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. New York University,Stanford University,University of London and CFB Social Enterprise College of MIT and Northern Europe, etc.,Have shared countless knowledge resources。 In order to stay connected and updated with global innovation trends,We continue to assemble and produce a Chinese-cultural and unitized interactive audio-visual interface,And add the function of dialogue discussion,And systematic learning paths, etc.,Become a high-quality online course that is easy to learn and use,Free to share and use。

Local action innovation. Project implementation guidance course

Promote social innovation,Support your dreams and actions

Why is S.E. so important to personal life and career? Because personal resources come from society,Create your dream career? First of all, we must transform your existing social network,Instead of following the social context of the traditional pyramid,With an imperial examination thinking,Level by level through the recognition and reward of the upper class。
and,For individuals,Create economic results and social value,Must be united。Human beings will no longer make the mistake of pursuing economic income but causing superficial and boring life and ugly ecology。People and society are one in life,So create the social network of your dreams,It's real entrepreneurship!
Our project implementation guide course,Is to use advanced knowledge resources,Guide the application to the implementation goal you want,Such as creating a new business,New products and new services,Build new discourses of knowledge,Team organization,social service,Artistic creation,Exhibition performance, etc.,Any kind of innovative action from scratch。

knowledge is power,But only in concrete actions。

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Local project sharing

Innovation Action Project|Recommended Course

    Let learning become an action network

    …Images of future society…It's a flame tree that changes and flows,Each leaf on the branch is a piece of virtual code,Represents a participating individual。…..To establish a model of systematic thinking logic,Incorporate yourself and your various network clones。

    Michel Serres
    French Master of Philosophy


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