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Digital Framework for Social Projects

digital Platform for sustainable social Innovation
We are dedicated to collaborating with social impact organizations through Digital Social Entrepreneurship (DSE) Platform building to bring about positive changes.
DSE Platform Building Service
The Social Entrepreneurship Modelling and Development Process aligns with Digital Platform mapping
DSE Framework

Building on our Dynamic Platform technology and methodology, we develop the DSE (Digital Social Entrepreneurship) framework to support actors in creating social value and public impacts.

Flexible and Adaptable Platform for Social Entrepreneurs

We offer resource-efficient and trustworthy approaches for programs like Tech for Good. Our integrated solution, incorporating flexible composition with open-source modules, enables Social Enterprises and NGOs to access flexible and unrestricted funding programs.

Support ongoing social innovation and address challenges

Additionally, we provide sustainable technology, maintenance, and continuous learning to support their ongoing innovation and address challenges in the market and the implementation of social value.

Mapping of DSE Framework

General Platform Model for Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship

DSE Framework for Your Business Model
Q1: What is DSE(Digital Social Entrepreneurship)?

Answer: A framework for entrepreneurs to transform their businesses into a digital and social entrepreneurship model.

Q2: What is the methodology of DSE?

Answer: The methodology of DSE is based on canvas thinking. We start by transitioning from personal passion to market perspectives. Then we develop the DSE framework using the LST canvas, which is a project-oriented mapping tool. We also use the Business Model Canvas to get a comprehensive view of business operations. This helps us to transform it into a social business model and then adapt it to a digital framework.

Q3: Why you might benefit from DSE?

Answer: Our team has a unique combination of expertise in social entrepreneurship and platformization technology. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs transform their businesses into collaborative and digital models to work with multiple stakeholders.

Q4: As an experienced business innovator, you may be wondering what you can gain from our DSE courses?

Answer: Our approach to innovating business models is centred on harnessing the expertise of our clients within a platformed model canvas-thinking. We guide our clients to develop comprehensive strategies that can address market challenges and reshape dynamics among various business components. Our focus is on helping our clients enhance their existing perspectives, rather than suggesting a complete change in their approach.

Q5: What if I simply want to use DSE for my original business model?

Answer: It’s recommended that a business model designed for financial value integration should also incorporate social value to enhance customer relationships and discover additional channels for reaching customers, eventually transforming them into stakeholders and community members.
However, DSE has developed mapping for the four common components of a business model: value creation, delivery, capturing, and distribution. Therefore, it can be adapted to any business model using these four sections of operations.​

Q6: How can I create a DSE framework for my business?

Answer: If you are wondering about how to create a DSE for your business, we can help you with that. Once you finish your courses, we will provide you with a Digital Framework report that can guide you in deploying your DSE model. However, if you prefer, we can take care of the deployment and maintenance for you through advanced contracts.

Q7: How to deploy my DSE platform?

Answer: If you’re looking to deploy your DSE Platform, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s important to consider not just financial value, but also social value, which can help to build stronger customer relationships and find new ways of engaging with your audience. When it comes to the technical side of things, DSE has developed a framework that maps out the four core components of any business model: value creation, delivery, capturing, and distribution. By using these four sections as a guide, you can adapt the framework to suit your specific needs and build a platform that meets your business goals.

Online Course for DSE Mapping and Implement
Dynamic Platform for Social Project
Welcome to the DSE Platform as a partner and contribute to positive change.
What we are working on
  • Female Entrepreneurs Community Support


  • Startup Modelling Co-Creation Community


  • Care Leaver Mutual Support Platform


  • Aged Community Care and Social Media


  • 50+ Entrepreneurs Community Support


Each project has been strategically designed to achieve these goals, leveraging the features of the Dynamic Platform.
1. Developing elements in social value.
We provide a different approach with tech for good. At the outset, we craft each digital solution module with a Social Entrepreneurship perspective, extending beyond a mere customized program design process.
2. Portal connecting Partners, Stakeholders, and the Community.
Projective collaboration with multiple stakeholders and rapid communication within the community
3.Enhance opportunities for mutual support and community economy.

Including problem discussion, task cooperation, value co-creation, and project co-funding

Recent DSE Platform Project

Young adults mutual support and
Video learning platform

We are creating various video learning platforms for collaborative entrepreneurial communities, each designed for young adults, the aging population, and women, to shape mutual networks for them