Becoming A DSE Platform Business

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Ready to dive into the world of seamless collaboration, digital development, and flexible business platforms? Our course is your gateway to mastering the art of integration in a rapidly changing ecosystem.

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Ready to elevate your business game? Join us now and become a master of digital integration! 🚀✨

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Your learning journey involves interactive media, discussion forums, real-time assignments for modeling canvases, and post-course collaboration to refine your startup plan and connect with potential partners.
In entrepreneurship, an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is like a basic prototype of your idea. It has just enough stuff to work and show to people. You use it to see if your idea is good and if people like it. If they do, you can make it better. MVPs help save time and money and make sure you're making something people actually want. They're an important part of the Lean Startup way of doing things

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Enrolled: 30 students
Duration: 4 weeks
Lectures: 16
Level: Advanced
Becoming A DSE Platform Business