Good Things Hub

A triple challenge in digital transformation

The business model and ecosystem

TWNPOS is a NPO alliance organization that was established in 2005. It has grown to the largest NPO coalition in Taiwan, with over 300 members. With the aid of skilled accountants, it encourages its members to collectively uphold principles of financial transparency, fundraising integrity, service efficiency, and good governance

The Challenge

They faced a triple digital transformation challenge: streamline internal workflows, member organizations’ digital transformation, and communication with the public and corporations.

After the failure of applying mainstream platform such as like Google, Microsoft, and a traditional information company, we took charge of the GoodThings development project.


organizational learning and community engagement

We implemented a flexible platform to support diverse community activities, including membership, donation, public and private partnership. Our digital deployment scales with operational activities, offering knowledge sharing, courses, conversations, and interactive forums on various topics.

Despite financial and resource constraints, we utilized open-source software and developed a bridging program to construct three functional blocks:

1. Workspace: operation and collaboration

It includes file storage, collaborative document editing, content delivery network (CDN), real-time messaging, project management, and an InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) compatible with blockchain for managing members’ financial certification reports.

2. Website : Marketing and Service

This section facilitates various discussions, courses, members’ profiles showcasing beliefs and values, social activities, corporate partnership, donation campaigns, and a networking platform for NPOs. Through the bridging program, authenticated financial reports are retrieved from the IPFS storage, enabling visitors to verify their authenticity. Additionally, we offer a database query for each organization, allowing the public to quickly review the NPOs’ activities, SDGs, vision, and mission.

3. Forum: Support and Co-creation

The dynamic forum surpasses a standard website by providing an environment for discussions. Articles from the website are synchronized with the forum using plug-in tools, and the discussions displayed below the articles as well.

Continuous development

learning and adjusting during transformation

We have implemented an architecture that follows the principles of elasticity and mobility for every functional component and storage object, serving as a flexible framework for learning and adjustments during operations. This architecture supports their platform in adapting and modifying the overall network deployment structure as it evolves.

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