SEcoStars Consulting

About The World

What’s wrong with your world? What’s wrong with our world? The problems, the people, the industry… What do you see, feel, and care about?
Many startups lack a proper digital strategy to rapidly establish a functional entity, and many business models need to be reinvented to overcome challenges from the market and macro trends like social value delivery while operating within the model of a digital platform.

About US

What makes you special? What makes us special? What’s unique about you on your best day? What truly interests and distinguishes you and your team?
We excel in business model canvas thinking to build an innovation framework for social value delivery and operational platformization. Our expertise spans social entrepreneurship, large-scale dynamic digital platforms for social entrepreneurs, and national social service project management

Value Ideas

Why do you do it? Why are we here for? The truly strong brand idea, proposition, or purpose lies at the intersection of these two circles: About Us and About The World
Helping clients develop dynamic digital platforms for startups and revamp enterprise business models to facilitate social value creation and embrace digital transformation through a complimentary learn-build-measure process,