female entrepreneurs Hub

About The World

What’s wrong with your world? What’s wrong with our world? The problems, the people, the industry… What do you see, feel, and care about?
Many Asian Female suffer much more difficulties when they face their career and family. They tend to be the supporter and might leave the employment short-term or long-term. However, their skills and talent are ignored and find it hard to go back to job market.

About US

What makes you special? What makes us special? What’s unique about you on your best day? What truly interests and distinguishes you and your team?
We are a digital social enterprise aiming to support people running or transforming their business into platform business. we know how to use digital as the intermediate to empower entrepreneurs.

Inspire women to startup their online business through digital social Entrepreneurship framework and courses. combining online courses, forums and in-person events to shape the local startups community.

Value Ideas

Why do you do it? Why are we here for? The truly strong brand idea, proposition, or purpose lies at the intersection of these two circles: About Us and About The World
a female startup project to connect the women who want to startup their business or become a freelance. providing online and offline workshops, forum and interactive tools to support them completing their business model mapping and implementation.