Dynamics Platform building and modelling

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  • Dynamic Platform

    Your can start by taking small steps in workflows, web services, or community forums and then scale up through further development.

  • Cloud Studio: Digitize your Workflow

    Embark on your platform journey with Cloud Studio—an advanced file storage and sync solution equipped with robust collaboration features, customizable for various workflows.

  • Website Service: Interface for Your Customers

    Once you're fully prepared to deliver your product or service to customers, we can create the functions and streamline the customer experience using our web service interface

  • Community Forum: The Value of Collectivity

    When looking to create collective value through community engagement, we initiate activities with curated content and provide diverse tools for events, wikis, support, discussions, and chats.

Cloud Studio

Integrated into various workflows. From users, files, data, collaboration to communication and service.


Built on Nextcloud Hub, Cloud Studio comprises apps tailored to your development strategy and scales horizontally and vertically to overcome modeling challenges.

Service Website

AI-assisted content creation, email marketing, SEO, CRM, community building, e-commerce, and elearning.


Utilizing the robust WordPress platform, the Content-Centric system functions as both marketing/sales and networking/customer relationship components within the DSE Framework

Community Forum

Community engagement in multiple layers of interaction, such as forum, chat, events.


Various types of content, including curated videos, online courses, wikis and social media, contribute to the collective value within the community.
  • Start your Cloud Studio now !

Embark on your Cloud Studio journey now! Unleash creativity with seamless collaboration and innovative tools. Elevate your projects to new heights – the future of productivity begins with you. Join us! 🚀✨

Learning the Digital Social Entrepreneurship (DSE) Model
to Boost Your Startup

  • Tired of lengthy business innovation processes? Our DSE modeling courses streamline your startup journey, transforming ideas into digital business with guaranteed adaptability!

  • The DSE model is the most efficient choice for startups.

  • Learning, developing, and mapping your innovation, and implementing your business in both the digital and real world

  • Every course includes customized digital solutions tailored for your developed business model, ready to be swiftly implemented into the real world!

2 weeks
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From Ideas to Implementation

Unlock the potential of a dynamic and versatile platform
at any phase of your business

  • Various modules integrated in a flexible process.

    Powerful function modules integrated into a flexible platform through an interactive digital modeling process

  • Advantages of OpenSource Software

    Continuously upgrades to enhance security and ensure code transparency, it effectively reduces the overall costs associated with platform maintenance

Cloud collaboration

Cloud storage, sharing, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making

Digital Asset and Data-Driven Applications

Deploying Cloud Storage, IPFS, NFTs, and Blockchains

Website and Cloud Service

Website, mobile app development, server building of video conference and messaging

Intergrated eCommerce Marketing

Reach a wider customer base, and track performance effectively

Online community building

Content curation, forum, and social networking platform

Knowledge Management and eLearning

eLearning, data-driven web content, and AI-Powered knowledge base

Based On Creative Common Open Source
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